MUTI anti-age night cream plus

€64,95 EUR
The nighttime care benefit for dry and sensitive skin: It soothes as soon as it is applied and provides everything it needs to regenerate while sleeping. Hyaluronic acid for more moisture, the MUTI ε-PEPTIDE-COMPLEX® to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis as well as vitamin C and retinol against pigment disorders. Also: macadamia oil for a delicate skin feel. And if you need a little more, you can use the ANTI-AGE NIGHT CREAM PLUS as a mask.
- 50 ml.

The ideal companion for the day: The light cream protects against moisture loss and premature skin aging caused by environmental stress. This is, among other things, the proven combination of the MUTI ε-PEPTIDE-COMPLEX® and hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin plumper, fresher and more radiant from the inside out.

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