Martin Asbjørn


Martin Asbjørn was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen by Danish born Martin Asbjørn Bjerre. With a degree in men’s tailoring Martin Asbjørn masters the shaping of building menswear clothing and delivers items that is deeply founded in the male stature and underlies the masculine traits.

Central for Martin Asbjørn is to bring classic tailoring into the daily wardrobes of modern men. This is done by combining elements from sportswear with classic tailoring. It is all about craftsmanship, simple details, and high-end quality materials.

Martin Asbjørn is inspired by his surroundings. His showroom is situated in the old military neighborhood in Copenhagen nearby impressive, architectural constructions. 

By paying attention to the male attributes and how the modern man is portrayed in music Martin Asbjørn creates masculine yet comfortable styles for men who want to look and feel sexy, and still feel the comfort of a well-cut piece.


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