Swedish designer Josephine Dahlin founded Deitas in 2012 with the aspiration of creating the perfect luxury silk basics. The brand’s name is Latin for divinity, and the line’s sweeping forms would work just as well on a Greek goddess as on a vacation in 2017.

The designer Josephine Dahlin is most inspired by the act of travel and she discovered her Italian silk manufacturer while traveling. The Italian silk manufacturer has been in business for nearly 100 years and where one of the first manufacturers to bring silk from China to Italy.

A love for sun and seaside is the central story of Deitas spring summer collection where each piece is exuding ease and confidence. Details are paired down to reveal a minimalistic collection of 25 unique pieces. Clean lines of shiny fluid silk meet crisp, sheer georgettes in a neutral palette of ivory, cream, beige and black broken up with flashes of purple greys.

With studio made pieces Deitas wish to move fashion towards the basic values of quality and craftsmanship. Central to Deitas vision is to provide women with a considerate, consistent and discreetly luxurious wardrobe that may be built upon each season. With simple lines, mixable pieces and a muted palette Deitas offers luxurious wardrobe essentials.


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