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New York based designer Willy Chavarria emerged from the agricultural fields of the San Joaquin Valley. Before opening his own shop in 2005 Chavarria spend some years in the corporate fashion industry, designing for Ralph Lauren among others. The opening Chavarria’s store in New York City evolved into his own label.

Central for the concept of the clothing brand is Willy's ability to incorporate his own personal style into the relaxed attitude of the clothing collections. In a world of "fast fashion", Willy Chavarria's idea was to create a space in NYC that would offer a personal and sincere approach to art, style, music and fashion. The small design team works closely with the product they design and manufacture.

The point about the process of creating the garments is to work with open minds and invite progressive philosophies and ideas that translate into the apparel and ethos of the brand.

Willy Chavarria's attitude towards fashion plays an important role in the concrete vibe of the brand – "It's much more about how you wear it, than what it is you wear. But what we design enables you to look and be your best. Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously" as Willy Chavarria states. "We want you to enjoy it or simply fuck off".

Willy Chavarria has often been inspired by the streets of suburban cities and has been fascinated with the way subcultures would define themselves with what they would wear.

The SS17 collection is inspired by the 1970's Bronx Puerto Rican Brown Power Movement and the 1980's Cholos. The Collection is based on relaxed oversized styles made from all fine Peruvian cottons. The looks are photographed on some of Willy's favorite street cast models and photographed by Documentary Photographer Carlos Jaramillo. As Willy states, "Using real people as opposed to professional models is is the best way for our brand to express its range of character. I'm sick of what we have considered to be beautiful looking people. I like to use people who show the personality of our work."


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