Artful use of print and colours

Milan-based Etro started as a textile house in 1968 producing prestiguous printed fabrics. The company expanded into ready-to-wear in the nineties, and Etro now covers furnishing textiles, fragrance, and accessories. The company is still family-owned and operated by founder Gimmo Etro’s four children. Veronica Etro designs the womenswear collections, Kean Etro designs menswear, Jacopo Etro is in charge of textiles and accessories while Kean Etro handles finance and the home division.

Etro is known for its patterns, specifically paisley. The paisley pattern became famous after Etro used it to enrich its first furnishing textile collection in 1981. Today the iconc paisley pattern can be found at the accessories, handbags, ready-to-wear, etc. The materials and a talent with prints are what make Etro unique.

The brand’s menswear collections combine faultless craftsmanship with artful use of print and colours. Culture and art are the central themes of most of Kean Etro’s collections, reworked and interpreted in endless inventive ways. Like his father and founder of the brand, Kean Etro draws inspiration from various parts of the world. For his fall/winter 17’ collection Kean Etro is inspired by the mystical power and natural beauty of mountains.


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