Enter the world of Missoni Women

Italian brand Missoni is known for its instantly recognizable zigzag pattern and signature crochet knitwear. The brand was launched in 1953 when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni began producing Missoni’s signature crochet-knit design. The founder’s grandaughter Angela Missoni is now the brand’s creative director, and after six decades the brand’s iconic zigzag pattern and silky-soft crochet-knits remain fresh, relevant and modern.

Angela Missoni married young and gave birth to her first child in her early 20s. She spent her early-mom years raising organic chickens, starting a kindergarden, and living a quiet life. By the time her children were in school Angela entered the fashion industry with her own label.

After a few seasons at her own label Angela took over from her mother as creative director of Missoni debuting her first line for the label in 1977. Angela’s designs jump-started the label and were the start of a now 20-year period of commercial success.

Angela’s daughter Margherita, a longtime ambassador for the label, is being groomed as the successor of Angela Missoni. Margherita is now working on Missoni’s accessories and swimwear line and is known for her bohemian looks.

Missoni turned their latest fall show into a chic mini women’s march. All the models wore pink pussy hats with a Missoni spin when they walked the runway the last time. Futheremore, everyone who came to the show were given a pink pussy hat to wear in support. This was to celebrate feminity, individuality and to celebrate the woman.


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